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    Transfer of Database from Desktop to iOS and Back Again



      Transfer of Database from Desktop to iOS and Back Again


      I converted a Bento database to Filemaker Pro 13 and have been transferring that to iOS devices via iTunes. I do this transferring from FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Go fairly often to keep the database current on the iOS devices rather than paying for the expensive sync option.

      But recently my laptop crashed and it took the Filemaker database with it — actually, it somehow got split into 2 pieces (maybe I'll address that later). So I have my database on the iOS device and the file size is roughly 520MB, but the database on the desktop was around 650MB. I've transferred it back to the desktop but should I be worried about the file size discrepancy? Is there some legacy stuff or unneeded overhead that was sitting in that desktop database file that is no longer needed and consequently, was not transferred to the iOS devices?

      Any input, thoughts, advice or info would be appreciated.

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          I don't know about the file size discrepancy, but you might consider setting up a drop box account. That's how I copy files back and forth and it's much easier than using iTunes. Plus, it leaves a copy of the file "in the cloud" so a copy of your file is safe even if both devices were lost or destroyed.

          On the iOS device, I open the drop box app, find the database file and try to open it. When I get an error message that it can't be opened, I use the "open with" option to open it in FileMaker GO. This copies the file into the Fm GO "sand box" and if there is a copy in place already, I'm asked if I want to replace it.

          To send files the other way, I select the "files on device" option, tap the control at the top of the screen that has a check mark in it. tap to select the file and then tap the "send" icon (up arrow from a box) to send the file back to drop box. I can then open drop box on my lap top and pull a copy out of the drop box folder.

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            Is it just me, or does the transfer back to Dropbox hang forever...? I'm working with a fairly small file (1.5 Mb), but the iPad has been stuck on "Uploading" for nearly five minutes. 

            UPDATE: My bad. Realized the hang was caused by pages still being open on the iPad. Once I circled back, closed the pages, then tried again, transfer back to Dropbox whizzed along.