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transfer parameter from Filemaker IWP to ASP

Question asked by KatrienBernaerts on Apr 8, 2011


transfer parameter from Filemaker IWP to ASP


I am making an application for Filemaker 11 instant web publish. Via a search function a record from the database is found. The record is characterized by a unique ID. I want to make a "export to Word" function in order to be able to convert the content of the found record to a Word document. Therefore, I am writing an ASP-program in Visual Studio. In order to know from which record a Word version has to be generated, I want to transfer the ID, which is the result of the Filemaker searchfunction, from Filemaker IWP to ASP. How do I have to do that in Filemaker IWP? Does a script exist which can be coupled to a button "export to Word" in Filemaker IWP, such that the unique ID which results from the Filemaker search can be transferred to ASP/Visual Studio?