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Transfer/move or copy fields between tables

Question asked by RonJennings on Dec 3, 2012
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Transfer/move or copy fields between tables


     Let me start by saying (much to my annoyance) I don't have Filemaker Advanced although I'm not sure if it would matter in this case.

     It's been decided (midstream) that instead of having 4 tables each containing the questions to a specific type of audit  that we will instead have 1 table with all of the questions.  There will be a key/code field in each record that indicates what type of audit each question belongs to and those flags will be used to generate the actual audit.  

     What would be the most painless way (with the standard version of Filemaker) to integrate the 300 or so fields into a single table?  We're still in development so there are really no records to be concerned about.  

     As a possible selling point to encourage the purchase of Advanced, is this someting it supports doing very simply? Along the lines of Copy/Paste (I'm sure there would be some clean-up involved), or Import/Export Field.

     BTW, Phil, I can see you doing the "I told you so." dance and you're fully entitled.  But the frustraiting part is that we started with one plan then The Powers That Be changed it.