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Transfering Data (A Best Pratices Question)

Question asked by MstrPBK on Sep 22, 2014
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Transfering Data (A Best Pratices Question)


To be objective I will not tell how I do it, I need the input from someone else to insure that what I am doing is 'correct'.  It is even possible that there is a command that I have over looked.

Scenario: By the philosophy of 'best practice' no field shall be used for two purposes; the same must hold true for a singular database (or table within a database). For this discussion I have EITHER two tables in the same database (with no relationship set) or two separate databases.  The two tables or database have nearly the same field names but have two different purposes (example: a wish list, and a have list).

What would the best practice procedure for moving one record or a block of records from Point A to Point B?

Peter Kelley, St. Paul, MN USA