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    Transferring table content



      Transferring table content


           I made a mistake by using the wrong table to store container files.  I have since created a dedicated table for file uploads in the database and store the data externally [secured] on a FMS.  I have 200 records that I want to transfer to the dedicated table now.  I was all set to do an export/import but was prompted that I can't export container files.  Any alternatives, besides me manually entering the 200 records?  Thanks

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               Considering new 200 records are to added/created to dedicated table and NOT updates. here goes pseudo script

               Go to layout Table1
               Show All Records
               #OR found set to be transferred
               Go to Record/Request Page [first]
                 Set variable[$CData; value:Table1::ContainerField1]
                 Go to Layout Table 2
                 New Record/Request
                 Set Field[table2::ContainerField2;$CData]
                Go to record/Request page[Next/exit After Last]
               End Loop

               After execution of script, you can delete records from  Table1 (wrong table in which container data is stored - 200 records).

               Another Option: script loops through records, exports the container field contents to desktop or temporary folder. Then add new record to table2 and insert file/picture transfer data to table2::containerField2





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                 While container data cannot be exported with export records it can be imported from one FileMaker file to another using import records. So use import records to import this data into table 2 from table 1. No script will be needed unless this is something that you will need to do more than once.

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                   Thanks guys.  I'm trying to use Phil's method, but I used the option of external secured storage for my container files.  My container files backed up on the server in a folder but the references are still looking for the server.

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                     Change the field's storage option so that this is not the case in your source file before attempting to import this data into the new target file.