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Translation (equivalent value lists)?

Question asked by ColinH on Apr 1, 2014
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Translation (equivalent value lists)?


     Hello... I'm sure there is a simple way of doing this...
     I am creating a database that is mainly in French. One of its functions however will be to produce an English translation of a standard document (in its own Layout, intended for printing). I need this particular layout to display English translations of various fields in my French database, most of which are value-lists (so, simple one-to-one translations). Of course I could create new calculation fields for each English term that needs to appear on the English layout, but that seems a little heavy-handed, especially as the correspondences are direct and invariable (so tokens a, b, c in French value-list 1 will always correspond respectively to tokens x,y, z in English value list 2). Can I not use table relationships somehow to create a kind of "translation table" (like a localisation file I guess) that automatically aligns values in the French fields with English equivalents and displays these on my English layout? Am I making sense? It strikes me that this should be easy, but for some reason I can't see how to do it...  Many thanks for any help.