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    Translation of a FileMaker application.



      Translation of a FileMaker application.


      I work for a translation company and we have a client who has developed an application in FileMaker. The client wants to have his application translated into another language. For quoting purposes, is it possibe to calculate the word count in a FileMaker database? Also, does anyone know if the pop up dialog boxes are editable so they can be translated as well? For example, the Delete Confirmation dialog box.


      Any information would be appreciated.

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          Steve Wright

          I doubt you will find a reliable method for doing a word count, if at all.

          The words can be on a layout, in calculations, dialog boxes, custom functions, script steps etc etc

          Using a DDR Report you would not be able to determine what is 'user viewable' text  or what is from a calculation or script step etc.

          At least... that's how I see it anyway. I may be wrong.


          You can translate 'FileMaker' specific messages by editing a few files (With caution)


          As an example (on windows) if you go into the Filemaker Folder, followed by Extensions, then English

          you will see a file named FMStrs.dls  (make a copy of this) then rename it to FMStrs.fp7

          You can then open it in Filemaker

          Switch to the layout FMStrings and you will some of the dialog messages there.

          Of course, you then need to rename it back to FMStrs.dls when your finished. 

          I have never edited this file myself, so dont take my word for it that it will work successfully.


          Using a resource editor, you can also change some dialog text in the FMRSRC.dll file.


          I do remember this being documented in the past, although very briefly, I think it was in one of the FMP Advanced Developer Guides


          Both of these files contain some special characters, which is used as a place holder, for things such as incrementing record counts etc.


          Edit : Here is a link which briefly describes the few files :