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Translator could not be found ( PDF Translator )

Question asked by PeterBroad on Aug 8, 2014


Translator could not be found ( PDF Translator )



     1) Having trouble inserting PDF file to a file container

     2) Can not access the options in the " Insert " dropdown menu

     Have addressed the " Interactive Content " option in Inspector " Data Formating "  but still have problem inserting PDFs  in to the file container. Attempt come up wih message " The Transator for this file format could not be found or could not be utilized .  Using Adobe IX  but FileMake does not apprear to recognise / utilize  with Filemaker Pro  Advances Version12. Adobe 8 imported the file mane but not the image

     How can this problem be rectified . Is it a setting. If so where can this setting be found .

     Further the absence of the translator appears to limit functionality of the "Insert " dropdown menu ( ref "Help Topic ). Potenitally seting up a path / recognition to the PDF Translator will solve the 2 issues

     Appreciate assistance