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    Transparent input boxes



      Transparent input boxes


      I have a graphic set as a background and fields placed on top of it. When I add a new record, the fields turn white. Is there a way to keep the fields transparent during input?


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          Also, is there a way to make boolean check boxes / radio buttons?

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            The white you are seeing is the layout background.  And unfortunately no, you can't maintain the transparency when entering a field.

            For creating boolean objects, go to File > Manage > Value Lists.  Name it Select.  Create custom value list and only put a 1 in it.  Select your field and attach control style of checkbox.  Resize the width of the checkbox to same as height so the 1 disappears.

            It now will toggle on and off.  Or Custom value list would be 1 and 0 for radio button.  You can't have only a 1 for radio button because it could never be switched off.

            This Select value list can be used by attaching to many fields.  Just place your own labels next to the checkbox.