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Question asked by nuri on Oct 15, 2012





     I'm sorry for my English. Thanks to google
     I am planning a database.
     When the tour company I'm working.
     1. My agreed the company s staff working in factories or businesses URLs, or midibuses bus transport business.
     2. Means the company can carry in your own property, can be tools suppliers.
     3. In addition, the accounting of suppliers keep URLs.
     4. I'm charging on the number of time. (Morning, afternoon, evening)
     5.Ödemeleri would be charged on a monthly basis by check or in cash. Each piece is not only payment per invoice, may be parts.
     6. Suppliers also have to pay monthly.
     The related assets as follows:
     1. Enterprises
     2. Suppliers
     3. expeditions
     4. Payments
     How can I request from you is a relationship here. Do you have an example file similar to this work. As you may or suggestions.
     Thank you in advance for your help.