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Traversing through portal line item

Question asked by gullfounder on Jul 8, 2012
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Traversing through portal line item



   I am very new in File Maker Pro. Trying to learn it. But recently i have encountered a problem. I wanted to make very simple script. I have made a layout with portal in it and a button. A script is attached to the button. When all the required data has been putted.  Client will press the button to trigger the script.

A script will simple traverse through the line items and update the inventory.

Here is what i have written in the script.


"Go to Portal Row [First]
Set Variable [$id; Value:Sale Detail::_fkproductID]
Set Variable [$qty; Value:Sale Detail::Quantity]
Exit Loop If[$id=User Prefrences::null]
Perform Find [Specified Find Requests:Find Records; Criteria:Sale Detail::_fkproductID: “== $id”] [Restore]
Set Field [Product::ProductInStock; Product::ProductInStock - $qty]
Go to Layout[original layout]
Go to Portal Row [Next]
End Loop"


Kindly help me fix it.