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Trial Upgrade - Enter License Key - Filemaker Pro 11

Question asked by james.gould on May 3, 2011
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Trial Upgrade - Enter License Key - Filemaker Pro 11


I've had a quick search around and can't seem to find a definitive answer for this setup - hopefully somebody else will find this question useful in the future!

System Details: Windows & Filemaker Pro 11

We have a customer currently using the Trial version of Filemaker Pro 11 (on several machines) - their trial is coming to an end and we're going to provide them with a volume license to cover all their machines. Is it possible to enter a license key and upgrade to the full version without reinstalling? (For obvious reasons this would be much more convenient). It looks like it might be possible using a similar setup on Macs.

Additionally, I think on at least one of their machines the trial has already expired - will it be possible to enter license key on these machines without a re-install?