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Trickly Field Possibly Portal Question

Question asked by mgxdigital on Nov 20, 2009
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Trickly Field Possibly Portal Question



I currently have a layout that works as my packing slip for rolls of material.

We have 20 fields (10 for qty & 10 for length of rolls)

Our packing slips are filled out by our press operators and are filled in as the qty of roll that the length is the same in each field.

For instance, if our customer orders 5 rolls and all the lengths are the same, the packing slip reads:

      QTY                LENGTH

        5                    1000'  

(field:qty roll 1) (field:length roll 1)


Some times there are 50 rolls per order, so they try to group as many numbers as possible with same length before moving to the next field.


I'm purchasing a new program called Labeltraxx that requires me to have a line for every single roll that I ship out.

So i'm looking to take the field in Filemaker that has 5 rolls @ 1000' and make it 5 different lines (maybe in a portal) that show 1 roll @ 1000'.


Is this possible?