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Tricky contact list

Question asked by Sketter on Aug 6, 2009
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Tricky contact list


Hi, I'm having a problem with a contact list I'm trying to create.


Now I'm quite new to FM.


I'm trying to create a contact list. Some of the parts of the contact list is modified by using a scroll down field that inputs/changes fields from another table.

Now I'm able to do the basic concept of this without a problem.


So say I'm making a contact list of clients and keep track of their work placements.  Since they can have more then one job I need to be able to create records of each job they have/had, and be able to pull that information within their main contact card that can be togged by a dropdown field. Now I have been trying to do with with fields only, but any record in the "work_placement" layout shows up on the drop down.  I want it so that I can specify which work_placement record belongs to who, and when I'm on that persons card, the drop down will only show what jobs belong to him/her. 


I have seen similar examples using portals, but can this be done by fields only? And how?


I hope I made sense.