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Tricky export

Question asked by willrollo on Jul 8, 2013
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Tricky export


     I am trying to copy an export function that an access database currently does to a pc based accounting pacakge. The export file type is usual csv. 

     The user sets a time frame (say june 1st to june 30th). Any new customers who have placed an order in that date are exported as a csv fiel that contains a few details abou the customer - (name, cust number phone etc). (Can do this part!)

     It then exports a file that lists the invoices for those customers. The first record called Header, will contain fields such as date, account number, customer code etc. then the detail records will show 3 records each containing different lines from the such as tax type, total , subtotal. cost code and others...

     This is quite difficult to understand but belive this type eof export is quite common with database to account packages so I am hoping someone may recognise what I am trying to explain! I have pasted an exampe piece from the export from access csv file - it is for one new customer who placed an order.


     "Detail",0,1,9.9,9.9,"EA","03","0","0000","9500000","Total VAT","6","",""

     So In fm 12 adv, how do i do it?

     I know how to export I just am unsure of how to export the headers and details parts.


     Here is the template from the accounts package: obviously I dont use all the fields...


     Header (HAS TO BE CALLED Header - DELETE EVERYTHING IN BRACKETS),Document Number,Deleted,Print Status,Customer/Supplier Code,Period Number,Date,Order Number,Inclusive/Exclusive,Discount,Invoice Message1,Invoice message2,Invoice Message3,Delivery Address1,Delivery Address2,Delivery Address3,Delivery Address4,Delivery Address5,Sales Analysis Code,Settlement Terms,Document Date,Telephone,Fax Number,Contact Person,Exchange Rate,Additional Costs,Freight Method,Ship/Deliver
     Detail (HAS TO BE CALLED Detail - DELETE EVERYTHING IN BRACKETS),Cost Price,Quantity,Unit Selling Price,Inclusive Price,Unit,Tax Type,Discount Type,Discount Percentage,Code,Description,Line Type,Cost Code,Store,,,,,,,,,,,,,,