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tricky summary problem?

Question asked by symbister on Jun 8, 2010
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tricky summary problem?


Hi all


using 8.5 on mac os 10.5, progressing newbie..


I have a bunch of raw sales data with individual records in the form:


Trans date


MOP (Mastercard, Visa, Cash, Cheque or EFTPOS)

Event (one of up to ten events)


what I'm wanting is a summary report, giving me a listing like:


TransDate  | Event |  Total M/C  |  Total Visa |  Total Cash |  Total Chq |  Total EFT |  Day's total for that show |  Day's Grand Total



is this a Filemaker possible scenario?


not sure how to go about it, any help appreciated. (I know I can do it in Excel with quite a bit of filtering, but would like it to auto-run in FM)


thanks in advance