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Trigger auto-enter calculations AFTER importing is complete?

Question asked by GabeDiaz on Jan 8, 2012
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Trigger auto-enter calculations AFTER importing is complete?


Hello All,

So let's say I have two files: Database.fp7 and Mobile.fp7. Database runs on a MacMini and Mobile runs on an iPad.

I have a calculation field set up in the Database which calculates the time elapsed between one record and the record before it. I would like this calculation to take place solely based on the Time value in my database. My mobile file also has this Time value. I have my import set up to run Auto-Calculations on import. But the calculation is being done based on the Time values in the Moble file and not in the Database file. Sometimes for whatever reason, my users will modify times in either the Database or the Mobile file (I keep the last 30 days of records in the mobile file).

So if my users do an import and then change the time in the database, and then do another import, the Elapsed value ends up wrong. I mean... technically it is correct... but it is not calculating based on what is in the database. See the 4th set of values in my attached screenshot. In this example, the 04:00 record's Time was changed to 4:02 on the iPad but left alone in the database.

Is there a way I can manually trigger the auto-calculation after the import has completed?

Thank you.