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Trigger date redux

Question asked by CraigAlderson on Jun 5, 2013
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Trigger date redux


     OK, I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with this, but I am. Phil was really helpful getting me straightened out a few months ago on one aspect, but I'm now refining my system and hitting another mental block. Here's the situation:

     I have a membership database with master table "MT." Related table "A" has a trigger date for various updates that need to be made when that trigger date is reached. Related table "B" (also related to MT) has two other date fields that also need to be monitored, and action taken when the current date >= either of those two date fields.

     I have a flag on my main data entry screen that I would like to display whenever *any* record in the table has [ current date  >= (A::trigger-date or B::date1 or B::date2) ].

     I set up an unstored calculation field in the master table to be true when current date is >= (A::trigger-date or B::date1 or B::date2), thinking this would be the way forward. But now I'm stumped getting beyond that.

     Ideas? Thanks.