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Trigger Field After Set Date

Question asked by themactech. on Sep 23, 2014
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Trigger Field After Set Date


Hi everyone

Trying to figure out the best way to do this. 

I have two fields on a layout. One is from a related table. 

Field 1. is a simple radio button.. ON.. or.. OFF. It's from a related table.

Field 2. Is a simple date field on the current layout.

Depending on the date.. Field 1 should change from ON or OFF. For example If the date is not greater than today's date.. then it's ON.. once the date passes.. the radio should switch to OFF.

Right now it works, in the moment when you change the date. The radio button field changes happily.

But I need a way for the radio button to change "on it's own" if the date is set in the future and the user isn't viewing the record.

Is this best set with a Trigger Script when the user comes back to the record? RecordOnLoad?

But what if the user wants to print a report to see the current status of the radio button on all records?

Is it better to run a script when the database is open to go through ALL the records and change the status based on the date?

I appreciate any advice on this.