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Trigger or Script to 'Find As You Type' in form view

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 17, 2013
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Trigger or Script to 'Find As You Type' in form view


     Hi there, 

     I've got a database that's got a number of link tables. 

     I'm creating a new form which I want the user to navgate to the 'Company Name' filed and then as the user starts tying, if we already have that particular company in a linked tables that contains all the company details, it will come up like a cached drop-down and give the user the option to click on the name and/or press tab and then a number of remaining fields such as contact name, address, phone number, email address etc can then all get pre-filled. 

     Does anyone know what would be best for this? 

     Would creating a form in find mode enable this and then depending on whether the record exisits it then takes you to an entry form no matter if it carries over information or not? 

     Thanks very much 


Additional: I've just found the 'Auto-complete using existing values' in the Data tab of the Inspector in the Field section - is there a way of the linking the data to one of my linked tables? 

     This seems like it might be a quick way of sorting this. 

     Thanks all