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Trigger script before Perform Find?

Question asked by philmcgeehan on May 14, 2014
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Trigger script before Perform Find?



     I have some icons that I use as checkboxes in Find Mode.
     One of the pictures has a script attached to it that changes a global value from "" to "1" and vise versa.
     So I have two pictures, one on top of the other with conditional formating, that turns one on and the other off depending on whether the global value is = 1.
     The first image is grey, which represents a blank global variable and a colour image that represents a 1.

     I want to be able to use these buttons in Find mode, to search for a value in a different field.
     Is there a way to change the search term after the user presses return to perform the find, so FM doesn't search for 1 in the global field but something else in a different field?