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Triggering a pop-up window on record load

Question asked by srbridges on Feb 18, 2014
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Triggering a pop-up window on record load


     In a Contacts database, I have a  ContactType field to designate if contact is "invidivual" or "business".

     If the contact is "business" I want a pop-up window to appear that shows some fields that are only pertinent to business contacts. I have a button on my layout that will correctly display the pop-up window when pressed. (The button calls a script that has only the New Window and Go to Layout steps from the script below.)

     But I want the pop-up window to automatically show when the record loads if the contact is a business...

     I have tried using this script, which I have assigned to the On Record Load script trigger on the layout setup. However this creates an infinite loop, creating zillions of pop-up windows.

       If [CONTACTS::ContactType = "Business"]

     New Window [Name: "Business Contacts"; Height:450; Width:550; Top: 200; Left: 250; Style: Floating Document]

     Go to Layout ["Business Contacts" (CONTACTS)]


       Go to Layout ["Contacts" (CONTACTS)]

     End if


     Can someone please tell me how to do this?

     I am using Filemaker Pro12 Advanced on Mac OS Mountain Lion. Moderate experience using Filemaker.