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Triggering a result from a line itum

Question asked by willrollo on Jun 25, 2013
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Triggering a result from a line itum



     Not quite sure hwo to describe what I want to achieve, but shall do my best.

     I have my invoice solution. Part of this incudes the usual invoice details, invoice, customers, products and line items table.

     When the user is on the invoices layout creating an invoice, I would like certain things to happen depending on what product is chosen in the line items portal. For example, If Delivery is selected, then I want a field on the invoices table to show "yes" > i have managed this far. But where i have a problem is if this item is removed from the invoice, then I want the 'Yes" field to reset to "".

     DOes this make sense? I can supply any more info that may be required..,.

     Thank you