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Triggering a script from a web-viewer

Question asked by macrolide on Jun 4, 2014
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Triggering a script from a web-viewer


     I have a database with 2 fields that I want to populate using data submitted from a form rendered in web viewer. The Calculation for the web viewer is

"data:text/html," & "<html><body style=\"margin:4px; border:0; font: 10pt normal arial, sans-serif;\">

<form onsubmit=\"return submitForm()\">
<input id=\"pass\" type=\"text\" /><br />
<input type=\"submit\" value=\"OK\" />

function submitForm() {
theParam = document.getElementById(\"pass\").value;
theURL = \"fmp://$/" & Get ( FileName ) & "\?script=Password&param=\" + theParam;
window.location = theURL ;
document.getElementById(\"pass\").value = \"\";
return false;

     I created a script with the name "Password" that has the following script steps

  1.           Set Variable[$input; Value:Get(ScriptParameter)]
  3.           New Record/Request
  5.           Set Field [CALCS::interval_RR; $input]
  7.           Commit Records/Requests

     OnSubmit from web viewer nothing happens! Any suggestions on how to fix this?