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triggering a script in another file

Question asked by RGoyette on Dec 7, 2010
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triggering a script in another file


I am still fighting this issue:  I occasionally (all to frequently) release a new version of a template and users want to import all their stuff from the old template.  If the old template is sorted, and only displaying a subset of records (say, 25 out of 100) then the import will only get 25 records.  They use a script for importing all the old data, part of which askes them to find the old file from which to import.  I could have the old file contain a script that would show all the records in all the tables in the old template, if I could only figure out how to trigger that script to run on the old file once the user has chosen the file from which to import.


FMPro version 11 with both Windows and Mac users.