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    Triggers in PHP



      Triggers in PHP



      How can we use the new introduced triggers (FM10) from custom web publishing. -> I want to send a email if the responsible person (a field) has changed in a dataset.


      Regards Matthias Flury 

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          Hi mflury!


          "Script triggers do not work in Instant Web Publishing (IWP) and Custom Web Publishing (CWP) when events are triggered by user interaction. However, if a script (non-user interaction) is executed and it would cause a script trigger to execute a script, then the triggered script will execute as expected. For example, if an IWP user tabs into a field that has an OnObjectEnter script trigger attached to it, the trigger will not execute the associated script. However, if a script step causes focus to move into that field then the OnObjectEnter script trigger attached to the field will execute the script as expected."


          As I read this, you cannot trigger a script directly from a php-page. Maybe the way to do it is to have scripts running on the server ( if you have one ) and monitor the field content/changes from there. 



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            I guess in this case I will fire  a script out of the php page which should do the same as the trigger.


            Thanks Matthias