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Trim and Remove Question

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Jan 18, 2012
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Trim and Remove Question


What would be the best way to script this solution?

I have  multiple records that I need to break out the "account code". Some  records end with a number and others don't. The number or "account code" needs to be removed from the "Name" field and moved to an "AccountCode Field".  The "Name Field" gives me information two ways  1. Test_T1234  and 2.Test   The script needs to remove the character and numbers  after the underscore,  remove the underscore and set the  Account code field with the "account code" leaving the account name in the name field.

I have been able to place the Account code using right text functions but have not correctly trimmed the underscore and have had some inconsistency.

Thanks for the help.