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Trouble adding up the totals in the report view.

Question asked by AMalyuchik on Jun 22, 2010
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Trouble adding up the totals in the report view.


Hello everyone, To get right to the problem, the report pulls two summaries from a record. One is the total number of consumable items (1) and the other is the maximum of the reusable items(2). After that I use the Get Summary command and add them together and multiply this number (3) by the price of a single item. At the end of the report I need to total these prices to find out the final price of this kit. However, when I total the number (3) I get a final number that is regularly about 60% lower than what the program does with the "Total" summary field. I feel that what is happening is the program adds up not only the maximums (2) but all of the underlying amounts as well. So the question is: Is there any way to constrain the totaling summary to look only at the numbers that are being displayed in the report and ignore the dropped ones? Thank You