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Trouble automating invoice creation

Question asked by landry on Sep 4, 2012
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Trouble automating invoice creation


I am upgrading a Filemaker Pro 5.5 instalation to FMP12. In addition to upgrading the databases, I am combining related databases into one single database with multiple tables. I've run into a problem with the advertising database: the process used to generate invoices under FMP5.5 includes a step in which the found set of customers (those being invoiced this month), is exported from one table and imported into another.

Here's how the step works:

  • Find all records for month being invoiced
  • Export Customer ID and Ad Serial (both unique IDs) from found set in Advertising table
  • Import Customer ID into Invoice table and manually enter Ad Serial as needed

I don't understand why this step is manual but I think it's a bad idea. It allows too many oportunities for mistakes. I would like to automate those steps but am not sure how. My first thought is to use a script that would export the found set of Customer ID and Ad Serial into the invoice table but I don't understand enough about what's going on to know if that's a good idea or not.

Can anyone sugest a way to automate these steps? Does this even make sense? I'm pretty good with Filemaker, but this bumps into the edge of my knowledge.