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Trouble building a Report

Question asked by Snozzle's on Oct 8, 2012
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Trouble building a Report



     I have five tables; Projects, Facilitators, Facilitator Line Items, Products, and Products Line Itmes.

     The customer needed to assign Facilitators and Products to each of their Projects.  So I built them two portals on the Projects Table with a relationship to the Line Items Table allowing them to assign facilitators and Products vie the portals.

     Now this works greate, the customer can create as many projects as required along with assigning as many facilitators and Products to each Project as they desire.

     However, the customer would like to see a report that list out all Projects with their assigned Facilitators and Products listed under earch respective projects.

     Since my records live on three different tables, the best I can accomplish is to list one record each, based on the relationship that is build by the portals.  I have not been successful in listing many Faciliators and many Products that have been assigned to each projects.  


     Help, is there a way to do this ??  I've been working with sub summaries but to no avial, I can not get my list of Products and Facilitators under each respect Projects.  Any assistance in this matter would be grateful.


     Thank you.


     Tom :-)