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Trouble Clearing Global

Question asked by sccardais on Mar 2, 2014
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Trouble Clearing Global


     How do I clear the value of a global field in a script?

     I'm using a global field in the header of my layout to Find records.  I also have a button to Show All Records.

     The user types a value into the global field to find a subset of the records. The global field displays the find criteria in the header.

     When the user clicks the Show All button, I want the global field to be blank - or show "All Records".

     So far, I've not been able to clear the value in the global field. This script step is not working. Set Field[Surveys::g_FindEdition=" "] is not working.

     I've tried several variations but cannot get it to work. Set Field[Surveys::gFindEdition;""] is rejected in the Script Editor.