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    Trouble clicking buttons near graphics



      Trouble clicking buttons near graphics


           I am using FileMaker 12 Advanced and I am having an extremely hard time clicking some buttons (invisible) mixed in with graphics on the file in layout mode. Of course you know that is how I can go to the button setup. The only way I can sometimes do it is to move the graphic, then select the button and move it back. These buttons are invisible to be able to use them with the graphics. I keep saying there has got to be an easier way. Is there something I have missed about this technique of invisible buttons? Does anybody know a better way? Thanks

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               You don't need an invisible button to use with a graphic.  You can make a graphic a button by right clicking the graphic (in edit mode) then select button setup.

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                 I don't doubt what you say, I was following a long with training (VTC) and the guy from what i can tell is a real expert. This invisible button technique is something he seems to use a lot. I guess I could make my question more general by asking are there any techniques for selecting a button when other complex graphics are near. Or are there any methods for selecting graphics built in close proximity to one another so you always get the target you are looking for?

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                   Update! I came up with a way. It is not super quick but it works every time. I drag select all the graphics and then use shift select on the one that in in the way plus the others. To get the one that is in the way I just click like I was trying to click on the invisible one and of course it de-selects the one that keeps getting in the way.

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                     I didn't say you couldn't use invisible buttons behind a graphic, but there is no reason to do so.  You can always walk from New York to California but it  is a lot easier and quicker just to hop on an airplane.  The experts that designed the starter solutions that come with Filemaker didn't use invisible buttons behind their graphics. They just right clicked and setup as button.  Object can be grouped together and then setup as a button.

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                       I almost never use invisible layout objects as there is almost always an alternative to using such. Even in FileMaker 11, where you can select such objects by clicking them, I would avoid them when possible as it can be easy to forget that the object is present on your layout unless you also add notes to your layout to record the fact that such exist and where they are located.

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                         You could always click the invisible button in layout mode to highlight it, go to the inspector (position tab) and move it to the bottom, do what you gotta do the graphic, then move the graphic to the bottom

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                           You can also add a graphic to a button.  Create a button on your layout, click the appearance tab on the inspector, Under Graphic change fill to image, then select scale (I use scale to fit then add text to the bottom of the button) , then click choose to select the graphic.  I perfer png graphic files.  You will need to set the graphic for each state of the button. (Normal State, Hoover and Pressed.)