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Trouble connecting to FileMaker Server 12 from Windows 7

Question asked by AndréVedgren on Aug 10, 2012
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Trouble connecting to FileMaker Server 12 from Windows 7


I have an issue with connections from FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced on Windows 7 Professional SP1 to a remote FileMaker Server. This has worked before with FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced on the same machine but now FileMaker 12 is unable to see the remote server. The server I'm trying to connect to is FileMaker Server 12.

(I have tried connecting with FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced running on a Mac OS X client on the same LAN to the same server and it works so the issue doesn't seem to be on the server side.)

Firewall has been turned off and antivirus etc. disabled. When I telnet to the server address on port 5003, telnet gets a connection. However, it still doesn't work.

I have an old version of FileMaker 11 Pro Advanced installed on the same machine, and it connects without a problem to its FileMaker 7 file format servers.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced but the issue persists.

My guess is that an element of a more recent Windows update has done something to distrupt the connection.

Have anybody had experiences? What are your suggestions for further steps towards getting the connecetion up and running?

Best Regards,
André Just Vedgren