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Trouble converting to a custom theme

Question asked by deathrobot on May 15, 2014
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Trouble converting to a custom theme


     I recently upgraded to FM13 Advanced. As far as my layouts go, I currently have everything as local styles; I just started with the "Classic Theme" and custom created everything, ignoring the theme completely. I'd like to now convert these local styles to a custom theme. I've started by going to my first layout, clicking on an object, saving it as a new style (repeat for various objects), and finally saving the theme as a new theme called "Custom Theme". So, now the layout consists of both objects with my cutom styles (the ones I use on multiple layouts) which are now part of "Custom Theme", plus objects that I didn't bother to save as a style (they may only be used on that one layout, for example.) So far, so good.

Now I go to my next layout. The theme for that layout shows the "Classic Theme", since that was what I had started the layout with. Is there a way to change that to my new "Custom Theme" without actually applying it to all the objects on the page? Ideally, I'd like to continue to add to my "Custom Theme" by saving styles for SOME objects without disrupting the others. If I don't change the theme to my "Custom Theme", Fm will only allow me to save these new styles as a new theme, not add them to my existing "Custom Theme." And i I first change the theme from "Classic" to "Custom Theme", I lose formatting for all the objects on the layout. I guess what I'm looking for is a collection of custom styles that I can use on all layouts without having to apply an entire theme.

Thanks for any advice!