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Trouble Creating a Flexible Layout

Question asked by jhurley on Jun 30, 2011
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Trouble Creating a Flexible Layout


I am trying to make a layout for a printed report for a quote generating system.  The report will consist of a header with company info, a body with opening statement from a field, and part itemization (portal), and a closing statement, from a field.  Finally there is a footer with company info.

The part that I cannot seem to get to work is the body.  All three parts of the body (opening statement, itemization, and closing statement) need to be able to contract and expand based on the amount of information included in the quote.

For example a very simple quote may contain a very short paragraph for the opening statement, one or two items in the itemization, and a very short closing statement.  But, a complex quote may need to be several pages long with a very detailed opening statement consisting of several paragraphs, a large itemization, and a closing statement of several paragraphs.

1. Is it possible to create a flexible layout like this in FileMaker, and

2. Can I get some direction on how to begin?