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Trouble displaying data without use of a portal

Question asked by raykennedy on Dec 9, 2010
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Trouble displaying data without use of a portal


Here is my basic setup


Table 2: AGENT (lists all available agents that can be assigned to the TRANSACTION. This is important because having the ability to add agents and change contact data across multiple transactions is needed.)

In the TRANSACTION table I have two indexed ID's. one is _kf_listingagent_id and one is _kf_sellingagent_id. These pull the agents FULL NAME through a pop up menu from the related table AGENT on my TRANSACTION FORM. So now the TRANSACTION has two AGENTS assigned to it.

AGENT has contact fields in it. I want to list the contact information right on the TRANSACTION FORM but when you do this there is no way to list both agents information because Filemaker does not know which field belongs to _kf_listingagent_id vs. _kf_sellingagent_id within the TRANSACTION FORM. 

I could probably use a join table and display this all through a portal. The only problem is that this will limit the flexibility I have to develop reports because the data has to be displayed through a portal.

I hope my explanation was clear. Any ideas on a solution to this without using a portal. Or maybe there are ways I can still use the portal in a way I am unaware of. Still a novice with Filemaker.