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Trouble evaluating a field

Question asked by Kat11_1 on Jan 30, 2012
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Trouble evaluating a field


I am putting  together a layout where users will initially enter the information which will not change in the future although it is theoretically possible that in rare instances it could.
I would like to build in the safety feature that would prevent unintentional changes and record the changes that end up being made. I wrote a script that on OnObjectEnter evaluates the field and if the field is not empty pops up a question Do you want to change this field? for the user when they click into a field and the field is not empty. If they proceed (say yes) the existing content of the field gets stored in a separate tracking field including time stamp of the change  and user is prompted to enter the reason for change and and the new  data. If they choose no it exists the script.
I got the part that pops the question if the  field is not empty and prompts for the reason and new data working. I run into the problem though because the question ends up popping up just AFTER a user enters the field for the 1st time too!
I tried to do this using on OnObject Enter and OnObject Modify with the same result. How do I get this question to not pop up when the field was empty upon entering?
Thanks for your help!