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Trouble opening password protected database

Question asked by NicolaJones on Jan 5, 2015
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Trouble opening password protected database


Hi all,

Have been using Filemaker Pro 11 on Windows via a remote desktop connection for years in my company. We all share access to our company database, and so the file always opens automatically via the 'recent database' list when you login.

We are now wanting to convert to Mac. I therefore installed a free trial of Filemaker Pro 11 for Mac, and tried to open our database file (which I accessed by emailing a zipped version of it from pc) in the Mac version. I am then prompted with a request for User and Password. I tried our Filemaker master account username and password and they didn't work. Nor did any System logins for the Mac computer itself.

Can anyone offer advice? Am I trying to access the file incorrectly, or do I need to request a username/password change somehow?