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Trouble reading QR Codes

Question asked by johnnykrz on Dec 3, 2014
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Trouble reading QR Codes


I am having trouble reading QR codes. I have tried reading them with online readers and I know they are good. Oddly, it was working fine at one point and I have not made any changes to that script or fields which is driving me even more nuts. It should be very simple.

In FileMaker, if I use the GetContainerAttribute(table::code; "barcodeText") I get a question mark. If I use GetasText() in FM Pro, I get the filename. In FM Go, it scans the code (so it is recognizing that it is one), but does not get the data from it (returns blank). I've made sure that I have 'QR Code' selected in the Insert From Device script step and even tried selecting all codes.