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trouble relating through a join table

Question asked by actnow on Feb 4, 2010
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trouble relating through a join table



I've searched through the forums and spent some time in the Knowledge base, but can't seem to figure out this issue.  Apologies.


I'm using FMP10, on Windows 7.


My table naming convention is the following:



T20b   - Role table # is 20, b indicates that it is the 2nd instance of the table

role     - table that this instance is assigned to

GAMES - the data source of the Table

id_game - the field that relates the role table to the Games table



Tables involved:



Role (join)

  • id_contact
  • id_game
  • id_role
  • Name_Contact
  • Name_Game           Indexed, Lookup (T20b_role_GAMES|id_game)
  • Name_Role             value list


Table instances








From a Games layout, I have a secondary tab with a ROLE portal (T15g_games_ROLES|id_role)

  • joined by role_id
  • Records can be created by this relationship
  • Fields are Name_Role and Name_Contact
  •          Both are value lists from the join table (T15g_games_ROLES|id_role)


To enter a new row in my portal, I select the Name_Role & Name_Contact from the drop-downs


When I look at the Role Layout, a new record is created

All fields are filled in EXCEPT the contact_id


I need to figure out how to get the contact_id filled in so that the secondary tab with a ROLE portal will show in the Contacts layout.


I've confused myself with lookup fields and adding another instance of a table to my joins.  Now I've muddied any possible clear solution.


Any help would be very appreciated!


Thanks in advance!