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Trouble summing from another table

Question asked by PJSpark on May 2, 2012
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Trouble summing from another table


Hoping someone has an answer! I would like to make a summary report that breaks pay types into their totals.


Table Sales = Table Payments = Table Pay Types

So Table Sales contains the sale totals --no problem their as the report is based on sales

Table Payments is a portal table in Sales that has a pay type id and a sale id -- this is so more than one payment type can be used per transaction

Pay Types just lists the names of a payment method

So, the trouble is, on the summary, I would like to sum up the payments made on the sale found set broken down by their pay types as in:

Cash: $200

MasterCard: $424.75

Only the pay types used in the found set would be displayed. I could even put in a simple pie chart, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Hope it makes sense, the way I explained it.

Thanks in advance