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Trouble Understanding table occurrences

Question asked by abunce515 on Jun 15, 2014
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Trouble Understanding table occurrences


     Hello - And thank you for your time.

     I have some knowledge of filemaker and so far have had a great experience.  I have built a couple "trial databases" and understand the basics of relationships.

     I am currently using the knowledge I have gained with my trial databases to build two separate databases.  One for my real estate career and and one to help my manage my home owners association.  

     While looking at different ways to do things I have noticed people tend to use table occurrences quite a bit, specifically when referencing information to show from one table on a form linked to a different table.  Why is this advantageous?  and when you do this, if you update the table information from the original table, does it also update the information on the table occurrence?