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Trouble Using Conditional Value Lists in a Price Estimating Database

Question asked by RichardBelz on Feb 27, 2011
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Trouble Using Conditional Value Lists in a Price Estimating Database


Trying to build up what I call a product configurator.  It's essentially a database that allows me to go through and configure a product that has multiple sub catagories, each with options that the user must choose and price adders for each option.  Think about it pretty much just like going to a car companies web site and then using the "build your BMW" or whatever brand tool to go through and pick out the car model you want, plus then go through all the options, and then come up with a final price and summary configuration.

I wanted to use "dynamic" or "conditional" value lists with radio buttons for users to input the choices.  I think I've got those figured out pretty well.  I can pick out a basic "model" and the start, and then see the options for the various options change accordingly.  What I can't seem to figure out is how I tie a cost for each of these options that I pick to show up with the option.

For example, I want to pick out the basic car model from a list (BMW 328, BMW 335, BMW 540, BMW 750).  If I pick BMW 335, there is another data base that shows all of radio options for a BMW 335, with prices for each.  I then want to to a field for "Radio Options", and pick out the radio I want, and then see the price adder for that option in a field that will total up the radio options and eventually add it to the price of the base car (and several other options) and then give me a total price for the car with all the options included. 

I'm stretch my FMP limits with this, but think it's got to be doable and hope there is an example data base out there that someone might be able to point me to that I could look at for ideas.