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    Trouble using scripts after importing data



      Trouble using scripts after importing data



      I have written a very simple IsEmpty script that looks like this-IsEmpty("Text") after I have imported data and it is only working when I create a new record.  How do I make the script perform for all records simultaneously?

      Basically I just want it to fill a blank with a 0 for two fields.  I am doing this to improve my search process for my database. Is there a way of searching fields that are blank?

      Thank you in advance

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          IsEmpty( YourTable::yourfield )

          only checks the contents of yourfield for the current record in YourTable--assuming the layout is based on YourTable.

          In either a scripted or manual find, you can find all records where a given field is empty by putting the = operator in it with no other criteria specified in that field.

          You can also use Replace Field contents to give all such records the same value. Since replace field contents modfies all records in your found set and the changes cannot be undone, it's a good idea to read up on this tool in FileMaker help first, then make a back up copy of your file before trying it out.