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Trouble with creating a meaningful report/summary issue

Question asked by JoshGriffin on Nov 22, 2011
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Trouble with creating a meaningful report/summary issue


I am constantly updating the POS system I am using for our retail business. It started with the Invoices Starter Solution and has grown quite a bit from that. My current issue is creating a daily sales report that shows what was bought on a certain day, who bought it, for how much, how they paid for it, etc. I have gotten all of that together and the report seems to be working okay. My problem now is I can't figure out how to have daily sales totals after each day. I tried grouping the sales by date, and then creating a leading subtotal for sales but it only shows the total of the last sale of the day. Further, I can only get this to display in Table View and not in List view where I built the report. Any ideas for getting this to work? Am I approaching this from the wrong direction? I am using FM11 by the way.