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Trouble with Exporting CSV...

Question asked by BradWieland on Feb 2, 2012
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Trouble with Exporting CSV...


I need to export a CSV file from Filemaker in UTF-8 format. First, how do I do that?

Secondly, when I try to export a CSV from Filemaker, I'm not given the choice between the various plain-text formats, like Unicode, ANSI, etc., (at least I haven't seen it).

When I try to place the resultant CSV into my application (Adobe InDesign using a plug-in called EasyCatalog), I keep getting messages about UTF-8 errors and not being able to parse the file. I can't see these errors in my text editer (Text Edit on Mac), so I open the file in Word, replace the characters, and resave as CSV.

Anyone have some good suggestions about getting a clean, error-free CSV out of Filemaker? (I'm using the Merge format with a .csv extention, since I need the Field Header Row.)