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Trouble with External Storage Container Field

Question asked by flovelett on Apr 9, 2015
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Trouble with External Storage Container Field


I've created an image database with about 3000 records. A container field is set up with open external storage with a folder (same parent folder as the database) containing JPG's.


  1. Some image files links (1-5%) are broken each time the database is opened even when the image file has not moved. A "missing file" icon displays in the container field.
  3. Re-inserting (the original) picture file into the container field results in a copy (or copies) of the file appearing in the external storage folder: 0100.jpg, 0100-1,jpg, 0100-2.jpg.
  5. When the image files were cataloged with a Digital Asset Manager "DAM" (for keywording), FileMaker displayed an error icon in each container field: <Tampered: filename.jpg>. The files were not moved.

This is the first time I've used external storage for a container field. I understand why using the DAM software caused the error message (most DAM's write to XMP descriptor fields, but am puzzled by the "missing file" problem & file replication.

How should I manage this? Is there a way of changing container field behavior so that minor file modification does not create the link to be lost? Do I need to maintain a separate set of image files for keywording?

Is there any way to relink all 3000 image files other than manually?

(FM Pro 12.0v4 running on Mac OS X 10.6.8)


Felicia Lovelett