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Trouble with Filemaker Pro 7 on Windows 8 PC

Question asked by RoxannaMcCloud-Lewis on May 20, 2015
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Trouble with Filemaker Pro 7 on Windows 8 PC


Hi, I am trying to get some advice.  I am trying to download Filemaker Pro7 on to my PC Windows 8.  What has happened is the gallery I work for in San Francisco wants me to work from my home in Portland OR, so they sent me the disk.  I successfully downloaded the disk, but now am having trouble. 

I cannot get it to connect to their host down there.  I don't even know how to begin doing this.  When I called, I was told that this version of Filemaker is outdated, and they could not give me advice on what to do.  I have all the information I need from the gallery, I just dont know how to set it up.  Please any help would be greatly appericated. 

When I go to open remote, the following error message "Filmaker cannot share or be a client of a file because the networking stack could not be intalized"

I got it to download, but when I go to register it, Filemaker Pro7 is not an option. 

Please please please any advice would be greatly appericated!