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Trouble with FileMaker summary report from multiple tables

Question asked by arvindosu on Jul 8, 2015
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Trouble with FileMaker summary report from multiple tables



I have two tables - one is headcount and the other is job offers. Here are the fields I am joining-

headcount table - employee ID, report date

offers table - employee ID, report date...all offers have an employee ID.

Made a relationship based on employee ID and report date.

My offers table has various offer status such as offers pending, accepted, offered etc with the same employee ID. So I made a self-join relationship and identified the dups. I don't want to delete the data.

I'm doing a report based on the summary fields that show no. of heads + offers. But the problem is in my offer total, the dups are showing up due to the way the relationship is structured. I wrote a script to not include the dups in the found set for the report, yet I get the total offers with the dups. Any solution you have for this?