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Trouble with Find

Question asked by MrMLK on Jun 19, 2013
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Trouble with Find


     I have a List view form that contains a field the is either a person's full name or a business name. 

     I am trying to implement a typeahead system, so that as the user types a charachter into a text field, it automatically performs a find for the  list view. I want the search to work such that a search for "ber" will find "ber" anywhere in the field.

     In order to do this, I have created an unrelated table with two global files: gValue and gSearchValue. 

     gValue is the value that the user is typing in, and gSearchValue is a calculated value that is just *gValue*. 

     I then added a field to my layout for gValue and a keystroke trigger that performs the find

     I am running into three issues:

     1) Since the value for gValue isn't updated until the user leaves the field, my find isn't getting the correct value. Is there some way to force the value to save after each keystroke?

     2) Even when I attach the Find to a button, it isn't finding anything. My find criteria is

     Field                              Criteria

     Investor Match              TypeAheadGlobal::gSearchValue

     Am I missing an operator? In SQL, I would use like, but as far as I can tell, I don't have that in FM.

     3) If the Find doesn't match anything, it gives an popup error. Is there any way to supress that?